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Roman shades are a conventional fabric window covering that adds an alluring touch to your
living space or office. They give a stunning appearance to your décor, as well as serve as an extra
insulation between the outside air and your home, improving energy efficiency without
compromising the style.

Choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors, and light filtering options like semi-sheer,
translucent and blackout. We have conventional Roman shades with either looped or flat folds,
as well as more advanced styles that will appeal to your emotions.
Lux Blinds Design provides a distinctive collection of roman shades, including:


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If the regular appearance of other roman shades is not appealing to you, flat roman shades are
equally flexible. They come in countless fabrics and textures, and you can get custom flat
roman shades if you have a unique fabric of interest.

Installing flat roman shades with blackout lining gives the extra room-darkening ability for
sleeping at night. It can also protect your furniture from UV light damage, as well as serve as an
insulator to conserve energy.

If you are looking for additional light, but want to maintain some privacy, flat roman shades are
an exceptional option. For extra convenience, you can install a flat roman shade that opens and
closes automatically or at the click of a button. Our staffs at Lux Blinds Design can help you
make the right choice that meets your needs.


roman shades close look

Roman Shades that has soft cascading folds that ripple down the face of the fabric is typically
called waterfall or hobbled roman shades. The hobble roman shades provide additional material
between each panel of the roman shades for a complete and more vibrant look. This kind of
Roman shade is also known as looped or teardrop shades
The unconstructive feel of these shades gives a soft finished look to your windows. This unique
style exudes attention as the folds continue down the window when it is closed, and piles up
neatly at the top when opened. And when raised, the center of the shade marginally goes down as
the sides are gently lifted.

Relaxed fold

With their unconstructed look and curled bottom fold, the relaxed fold Roman Shades is the ideal soft blend for a wide array of interior decorating styles. The relaxed fold Roman shades can looks perfect for conventional designs and modern contemporary settings.  

Relaxed fold Roman Shades with an inside mount look graceful with ornate woodwork or decorative molding. The curve of the shade aligns with the straight lines of the trim and window bench to give a drapery texture without the space concerns for rods and stacks. Classic colors like blue, shades of white and off-white, taupe, and gray offers a luxurious appearance and elegance.

No matter the style of your décor, relaxed fold Roman Shade always gives a visual appeal. With more than 50 materials in over 500 colors, Lux Blinds Design can work out a relaxed fold Romans shade that is perfect for your home.

Plain add

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Roman shades give off an expression that is distinct from any other window covering. Lux Blinds Design Plain Fold Roman Shades have a pleated styling. We provide the warmth and elegance of fabric that Roman style window coverings are known for with a lot of popular colors and styles that will complement almost any décor.

Plain fold roman shades in premium fabrics are a stylish choice, and can be tailored to fit a range of window sizes. They provide the feel and look of soft drapery while offering light control and privacy, and you can select from a variety of colors and prints at a pocket-friendly price.

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