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When it comes to blinds installation, an incorrect measurement or an installation mishap could lead to damage or improper functioning of the blind.  Many people often choose the DIY option for installing a blind. But while this option might work with other basic home installations, blinds installation is a little bit complex and requires the hands of a professional to do a perfect job. At Lux Blinds Design, we offer professional blinds installation services.

We owe the beauty of our blind installation service to the expertise of our trained professionals. And as one of the top blinds installation companies in the US, what makes us unique is our careful and effective approach to carrying out error-free measurements and calculations at all times. Our blinds and shade installations are safe, with high standards that is guaranteed to give you peace of mind. 

At Lux Blinds Design, you are assured that we are equipped with the right skills and installation tools to give you a cost-effective, clean, and attractive installation. Our in-house experts are highly responsive, attentive, and supportive. We also offer you valuable insights and advice on the best blind design that will suit your home, as well as give your home the quality finish that is befitting of its class.

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