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Horizontal blinds are perfect for a lot of home designs and window sizes. They provide your windows with a sharp modern feel that matches any decor perfectly or stand out as a central point of attraction, depending on what you want. For efficiency, ease, and convenience, Lux Blinds 

Design horizontal blinds come in a wide range of operating systems. From modern motorized operation to classic and concise manual systems, horizontal blinds provide a variety of options that you can choose for your home. Hardwood blinds are elegant and conventional. They give your home a bold sense of style and exceptional functionality. They are perfect for light redirection and obstruction, and they are available in two unique types, which are basswood blinds and faux wood blinds.


Basswood blinds give your room or office comfort and luxury. They are made from high-quality hardwood, and can be they can thus be restrained and repainted several times to maintain its lustrous appearance. If you are looking for a natural window blind that would add to the existing beauty or your décor, then basswood blinds are a great option.

Faux wood

Faux wood blinds offer more flexible light control and redirection functionality. Made from durable vinyl, they are easier to maintain and more durable that traditional wooden blinds. Faux wood blinds are also resistant to humidity and moisture, and they come in several amazing color variations, finishes, and textures that give them an actual hardwood appearance.

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