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Honeycomb shades blend two or more layers of pleated fabric to form a honeycomb-themed cell that entrap air and provide an extra layer of insulation for the window. At Lux Blinds Design, the honeycomb shades that we offer are the most productive energy-efficient shades in the market. Honeycomb window shades are available in a variety of unique colors, and texture combination including skylights, specialty shapes and more.

Honeycomb Shades complement any room decor. They are the only soft shades with cellular construction that give a sculpted look to any interior. It is available in both woven and non-woven fabrics that can either separate light or block it completely.


honeycomb shades in colors

If you are bored with the conventional window blinds, you can create your own concept; one that you can frame with your curtain and drapes to reflect your own desires and personality. With a wide range of pleat sizes to choose from, you can customize the perfect cellular shade for your window with either the single or double-cell honeycomb window treatment option.

Lux Blinds Designs are specially crafted to the highest level of quality and precision, with an option of integrating it with our motorized window covering system. for more details on how this window shades idea can turn your living space into your little paradise, speak to one of our representative now!

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