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Pleated shades are one of the types of window coverings offers a unique blend of light control effect and privacy. They are pleated horizontally, and when not in use, they can be rolled up and clustered at the top to sit flat, hidden from plain sight.

Pleated shades are soft, modern, luxurious, yet affordable. They are one of the most used types of window shade by many households for different kinds of window designs. Although similar to the circular or honeycomb shades in some sense, the pleated shade are made from a single fabric layer that is stuffed with insulating cells and folded into crisp pleats.

One major benefit of this window shades option is that it protects the interior from unwanted air, moisture, and even UV rays by keeping them trapped in the insulating cells. They are also cost effective, as they have a good level of energy-saving quality.

Pleated shades add function and quality texture to any décor. Liven up your space with the best pleated shades design that come in a variety of impressive, bold, and advanced color gradient, as well as exclusive patterns, ranging from natural colors to the more lustrous and vibrant colors, plus every color in-between. Lux Blinds Design affordable pleated shades have Top-Down/Bottom-Up privacy with a view that will amplify the real beauty of your home interior.

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