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Sliding panel blinds is a non-selective classic window treatment. Irrespective of the size of your
window, whether small, tall, or wide, sliding panels is a window treatment solution that can add
to the decorative style of your home or office space.
Asides its window and door application, sliding panels can also be used for room dividers and as
decorative screen fabrics. They also help to control light penetration, reduce glare, promote
privacy, as well as improve the overall curb appeal of your home, all by simply sliding the panels
to any position that suits.
Lux Blinds Design offers sliding panel blinds suitable for covering deck doors, sliding glass
doors, big windows, the sliding panel blinds are easy to operate given the substantial fabric
mounted to the ceiling or wall, which slides back and forth on the sliding panel track. Our
sliding panels blinds are available in varieties of cloth, sliding panels, solar screen, and woven

wood materials, and are also available in motorized systems. They match with any décor style,
window coverings inclusive to bring out the beauty of the room.
Our sliding panel blinds are elegant and bold, proffering solution to your window needs for
larger windows and patio doors.

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