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Blackout shades are used to emphasize drapes in space. They are good for blocking unwanted light from entering a room or office, and the cost of window shades installation is worth the investment. Blackout Shades also help cut off exterior sound and noise, making them an excellent choice when there is a need for total privacy.

At Lux Blinds Design, we have completed several Blackout Shades installations around the country. So whether you have a specific fabric in mind with which you would like the Blackout Shades to be installed in your home or office, or a conventional window treatment color schemes, we can always help you.

On several occasions, we have visited to our clients to offer and install Blackout Shades as an additional solution to their Drapes or Curtains. Get in touch with us today and find out how Blackout Shades can distinguish your room, as well as protect the interior of your home from harmful UV exposure.

You can also visit our website gallery to check out some of the samples we offer for Blackout Shades, and visualize what your home would look like with the sample window treatments.

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