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Aluminum blinds, often referred to as metal blinds are ultra-thin, lightweight, long lasting,
affordable, and the ideal choice for many décor settings. It is also a cost-effective window
treatment option. And it also offers privacy and solar management effect.
Whether vertical or scaled down aluminum blinds, they all possess a good room darkening
property, with thick brace width that allows optimal light control. 

They are simply attractive and perfect for enhancing the décor of both a commercial and
residential space. Our aluminum slate blinds are versatile and can be used for any window style.
With special finishes and exquisite modern texture, the Lux Blinds Design metal plate blinds
offers a unique mix of perfection, innovation, and creativity. 

At Lux Blinds Design, we offer aluminum blinds in a wide spectrum of colors, as well as in
different aluminum slate sizes, including tape fabrics for improved light control. For more
information about available design options and benefits, contact us today!

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