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One of the best treatments you can give your windows is a plantation shutter installation. The benefits range from giving your interior a fascinating aesthetic appeal to enhancing the value of your property. They also keep the room and kitchen temperature warm in cold weathers. At Lux Blinds Designs, we offer the best plantation shutter installation service, using premium quality materials and hardware only.


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Hardwood shutters are a unique window covering that is natural, modern, and classy. It is one of the most popular custom window treatments in America today. A unique combination of durability and versatility gives a natural dimension to any window setting.

Hardwood shutters, when added to the room decoration, integrate your existing design millwork and window trim to give the space an extraordinary beauty. Lux Blinds Design hardwood shutters gives elegance to your window trim. And given its quality and attractiveness, the value that our hardwood shutters adds to your home’s curb appeal is higher than the cost of the shutter design and installation.

Professional Craftsmanship

We combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to custom craft shutters to your exact specifications. We use the highest quality materials and best-in-class techniques, and you can see the results in every hardwood shutter that leaves our state-of-the-art factory. We sweat every last detail, because we believe our shutters are a great investment for your home.

For assurance of quality, we use premium quality wood types, including Poplar, Redwood, Basswood, and others. We combine our quality artisanship and wealth of experience with the most advanced level of technology to design, produce, and install an excellent shutter product that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. Whether your home is ultramodern, chic, or a little bit of both, our hardwood shutters are stylish and are designed to fit many decor styles.

Enjoy Quality with Low Maintenance Cost

Our hardwood shutters are highly durable. A classic beauty, which when installed, comes with a low maintenance cost. You also enjoy other amazing benefits of our wooden shutter installation service, including outdoor light control, insulation, privacy, as well as protection from extreme sunlight exposure. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.



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Polysatin shutters, widely known as vinyl shutters, are made from a polyresin compound. They are a great addition to any décor as it brings out the lushness and sophistication of the rooms. Apart from its fashionable and clean look, the Polysatin shutters are durable, and an accurate representation of a modern design, with superior quality. Hence, they could be considered a modern substitute for wooden shutters.

Polysatin plantation shutters are soft, with a cloudy brilliance or matte luster look of a freshly painted finish, which remain lustrous even after installation. And asides bringing a touch of unequaled luxury to any interior, they function to protect the interior from the harsh bleaching UV rays of summer, and the cold winter period of the southern states. Another advantage they have over some other types of shutters is that they are virtually maintenance free.

Best Polysatin Shutters for You

Lux Blinds Design polysatin shutters have superior finishing that does not require painting or sanding, and comes with an assurance of years of excellent performance. Our polysatin shutters are suitable for homes and offices because they are safe and easy to maintain. They are perfect shutters for areas with high moisture and humidity.

For property owners who desire quality window coverings with style and beauty, contact Lux Blinds Design today. We offer top-quality shutter installation services that will always exceed your expectation.


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Lux Blinds Design composite wood shutters enhance any home with its refined prestigious appearance, crisp color, and attractive quality. You can install this handcrafted wood shutters as either operable or fixed shutters. Composite wood shutters retain their glamor as years go by, given that they deliver enduring beauty, which requires no painting or maintenance.  

Exceptional Curb Appeal and Elegance

Composite shutters from Lux Blinds Design are the perfect answer to your need for high-quality shutters with a genuine aesthetic look. They are a suitable and affordable exterior window treatment for any home. Composite Shooters are made from the latest technology, utilizing high-quality solid core composite materials, and painted with high-grade finishing to guarantee durability. Composite wood shutters are a better alternative to hardwood shutters that require scraping, painting, and maintenance over time.

Custom Composite Shutter Styles

We offer a large collection of shutter styles and shutter designs, including flat, louver, panel, v-groove, and batten. Our customized composite wood shutters are professionally handcrafted in any one of over thirty available designer colors to complement and beautify virtually any exterior décor. At Lux Blinds Design, we measure your window size to come up with a fully customized shutter size that meets your specific requirements. Some of our composite wood shutter designs are a combination of the louvered and raised panel shutters, which appear to be distinctive and unique for exterior accent and are a good fit for any style of home window trim.

Composite shutters are simple and maintenance-free. They are strong enough to face the test of time as they are made majorly from wood particles and glue, which makes them perfect shutters for areas with low moisture and humidity. With a close resemblance to real wood, the composite wood shutters also prevent light penetration and offer energy efficiency.

Lux Blinds Design will provide you with custom composite wood shutters of modern style that will give your well-designed home a more magnificent look.


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