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Awnings provide a calm and cool outdoor shade that offers a protective cover against water and sunlight. When installed at the window area, awnings also provide some form of protection from wind. They take different forms and come in several sizes. And whether they are fixed or retractable, awnings are suitable for both commercial and residential properties.

They are durable and depending on your need and specification, Lux Blinds Design can provide you with a top quality custom awning design that will not only protect you from extreme conditions but also enhance the curb appeal of your outdoor space.

Installing our custom retractable awning system also includes installation of side screen, drop-down fascia, and support arms, as well as lights and any other vital hardware that is necessary to transform your outdoor space into an extension of your home interior.

At Lux Blinds Designs, our awnings solution are suitable for windows, balconies, decks, courtyard, and others. Our awnings for windows allow you to enjoy the perfect summer, controlling the amount of light to give your home or office a beautiful facade. They also come in motorized options. Some window awning products that we offer include drop arm awning, Blind awning with box, Aruba basket awning, and others.

We use the best awning hardware and materials from trusted suppliers who utilize durable materials in the awnings production process. We also offer innovative awning designs that you would love. Explore our awnings collection and choose the one that matches your home & satisfy your desire. 

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