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Vertical blinds are perfect for large bay windows, sliding glass doors, or a full floor-to-ceiling
windows. They are also excellent alternatives to draperies in any window of the home or office.
They offer you the opportunity to polish the look of your window shutters with a wood cornice
or a custom valance, which adds depth and attraction to your décor.
The blind slats are designed to open and close, which allows for optimal light control and
privacy management. You can move the slates to the left or right, or separate them in the middle
for a full outside view. You can also keep them enclosed to block harsh sunrays, which in turn
reduces your energy cost.
Not only will these vertical blinds make you have more control of your home, but they also
function as decorative pieces, which mean that you can choose a fabric that will work well with
your present home design or choose a bold finish that will add to the general aesthetic. This
contrast will make your space look more substantial by adding depth and direction to your space.
Many people believe that vertical blinds work well with vast window expanses only. But at Lux
Blinds Design, our vertical blinds are designed to work with a window area of any size, from full
office windows to a to any irregular window shape. Our vertical blinds are specially made to fit your window,
with lasting and lightweight materials like wood, aluminum, and fabric. They are easy to operate
and can be cleaned easily with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner.

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