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Cooling a home, especially during the summer, is something every homeowner looks to achieve. While interior shades and blinds attempt to limit the amount of light entering the house, the interior is heated by UV rays that enter through the glass. This is why external protection is important to prevent sunlight from hitting the window, as well as reduce the heat transfer that leaves the house hot.

Just like the curtains and draperies, you need to choose an exterior solar screen shade that will protect your interior from the heat of the sun and also add a touch of style to the outdoor space of your home.

Outdoor screen shades are the most effective window covering installations to block the sun from entering the window and causing heat gain. When the sun is up, and there is a need for heat protection, the outdoor sunshade is rolled down. And it is rolled up when it is no longer needed.


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At Lux Blinds Design, our exterior solar shades  provide the best solution to heat from sun exposure. With our outdoor solar shades, you will be able to reduce the energy cost of cooling your home. You also protect your furniture’s and other properties from the impact of UV exposure.

Our solar screens block as much as 97% of the heat and UV rays from the sun as it reaches the window. Most of the heat is absorbed by the screen, while the rest is reflected.

You can combine our outdoor solar screen with any of our creative window treatments and still retain the beauty of your home. Why settle for less when you can get the best solar screens and shades from Lux Blinds Design. Lux Blinds Design offers outdoor solar screen shades in standard sizes or custom-made designed to fit your window perfectly. Give us a call at once.

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