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Zebra shades are the most recent innovation in light filtering window treatments. Its advanced look adds a stylish and alluring effect to your living room, bedroom, or office space, as well as regulating the amount of light that is entering into the space.  

The Zebra neolux shade is a unique roller shade where the striped fabric across two layers allows the open and close effect. If you want to lift the shade, just raise the shade like a typical roller shade using the sidewinder, and the shade shrinks back into the top of the window. The shade is an amazing modern-day roller product that comes in a cassette.  

The Zebra Roller Shade is a new and captivating window covering solution for your space, which comes in a wide spectrum of colors options, and offers an excellent filtering effect for controlling the amount of light entering the interior.

At Lux Blinds Design, we believe in offering you the best window treatment service. And that is why we bring the showroom to your home to help you make a well-informed choice of the perfect shade for your home setting.


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