The most important thing to consider when ordering an extra-large roller shade

The most important thing to consider when ordering an extra-large roller shade

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Roller shades are one of the most preferred window treatments that effectively make your home more convenient and office environment friendlier by dealing with the harsh sun heat. These shades block sunlight completely as its side channels have a pile weather-strip which keeps the maximum amount of light from entering through the windows

If you have an extra-large window, a roller shade can help you define the lighting, style, and color scheme of your room. When it comes to extra-large window treatments; the color, length, lining, and fabric matters a lot. 

The right window treatment can define the overall look of your home and give you an overwhelming feeling due to the many options available. Before ordering an extra-large roller shade, you need to assess your home or office thoroughly. 

So, what are the most important things to consider when ordering an extra-large roller shade?


Before you order an extra-large roller shade, you need to know the size you need, which can be a terrifying process. You need to know the exact angles to measure and how to measure them correctly.

The key is to hire a professional window shade installer. It important for you to put your trust in experts to measure and install roller shades because you might get the wrong measurement and make everything wonky by measuring your windows yourself.

Luckily, there are lots of companies offering full measuring and installation services. They will come to your home and work the hard part for you. If you want to get a feel before you order your extra-large shade, then you to figure how or where you want your shades to be installed.


The room you want to install the roller shade should also be factored into your decision. It’s mostly common to find extra-large windows in the bedroom and living room areas of your home so do not be restricted in the materials you can choose from. 

However, fabrics are not recommended if you have an extra-large window in your kitchen or bathroom because there is too much moisture. There are extensive selections of materials that range from solid to soft fabrics, and flexible to slatted materials. You need to carefully consider the general climate in your area before you pick your roller shade materials.

Insulating properties

With the prices of utility bills increasing, it is more necessary to find ways to cut costs in the home. A significant advantage of roller shades is that they have a robust insulating property, so they can help save energies and reduce spending. 

Extra-large windows provide a large surface for heat to pass through. While roller shades or blinds are thermally lined, they do not offer the same level of insulation as curtains. However, you can get the best thermal insulation performance with a few tricks. If your room is not well insulated or double-glazed, then you should consider putting a curtain over your roller shade in the colder seasons.

Cost and Security

The blind or shade options you pick does not matter. This is because extra-large windows need more coverage, thus costing more than an average window blind. Extra-large windows allow outsiders to peek into your home and see all that you have in it. You need to consider how curious eyes can be kept out without closing your blinds completely when you travel for a long time.

Continuous cord loop mechanism

The hardware used for roller shades are sleek and minimal; that’s why several shades can be lined up in a row without looking messy or bulky. They also keep a smooth appearance when raised or lowered together. 

Shades with a continuous cord loop lift system work better when you have an extra-large window because they can be raised and lowered evenly and efficiently. You will be able to avoid the annoying business where one side of the shade is lowered faster than the other hand.

Inside or outside mount

If you have a tall window that almost reaches the ceiling, then you need to consider if the shades you plan to order can be mounted inside your window frame suitably or mounted outside. 

Also, you may want to find multiple roller shades for your extra-large windows. Although, it might become less convenient when you want to pull them up or down, it provides better light control options during the day that other window treatments.


Roller shades are for individuals who want to shut out the light completely. They roll up into small diameter tube at the top of the window, when raised to the top, which allows you to view your window obstructively. 

To get an extra-large roller shade, you might have to order from a custom shade manufacturer. Non-standard and extra-large windows can still benefit from shades.  Extra-large roller shades have issues with access because your investment can be wasted if the roller shades are hard to operate. There are various solutions to the problem, and they include attaching long sticks to the roller shade controls.

If you have an extra-large window, then you need a motorized roller shade that will provide you with more convenient control. These kinds of roller shades use a remote control to lower and raise the coverings. Some roller shades also have wall controls. They give you the capability to raise and lower your roller shades with just a push of a button. 

Also, people who have problems operating the roller shades such as older people, people with disability issues, and others will appreciate a motorized roller shade more. 

Extra Large Roller Shades are the best window treatment option for today’s modern windows. When you look around you, you will find everything you need to decorate your home or office. At Lux Blind Designs, we have various ranges of options for people who want to buy extra-large roller blinds.

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