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Everything you need to know about roller shades

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People think of roller shade whenever they think of any window treatment option. These window covering have remained classic and famous for centuries due to their simplicity and sleek style. Roller shades are highly effective in blocking light and privacy protection, and they are also effortless to integrate into any room in your office or home irrespective of its style or color scheme. They are simple and easy to install, which makes them the best choice for offices, family rooms, and bedrooms. Some roller shades run on a remote control while some are operated manually. Roller shades act like curtains and used to cover the windows.

History of Roller shades

It is widely believed that roller shade first appeared in Holland in the seventeenth century because they were widely used throughout Holland, England, and France in the eighteenth century. However, it took until 1980, four years after USA independence declaration before roller shades found its way to the US

The material used for window shades at that time was thin papers or cloth. Artists will then make hand painting, beautiful imagery, or stencil borders on the materials so that people passing outside and inhabitants can see the decors. A spring roller was added to the shade, which resulted in the roller shade we all know today.  This addition helped people avoid tolling up their shades awkwardly and mounting them with a hook. However, in 1855 a company began producing spring rollers in mass which started the popularity of roller shades.

Types of roller shades

Real Blackout Roller Shades

Roller shades are usually designed to provide enhanced privacy or darkness in a room. Most hotel rooms typically have drapes that provide blackouts to their room during daylights. Real blackout roller shades are great for guaranteeing your privacy and enabling sleep. They are suitable for obstructing unwanted light from entering your office or room. Also, Real blackout roller shades are worth the investment because they block unwanted noise or sound. This feature makes them the perfect choice for an individual who needs total privacy.

Dual Roller Shades system

Room decorations and architectural features can be enhanced by filtered natural light, while an unfiltered natural light magnifying through the window glass can damage and fade off the furniture, upholstery, and the floor.  Dual Roller Shades system is designed for shielding a room from drafts and thwarting the escape of heat. They are the best fit for all rooms in your home, including the closet and toilets. They help reduce unwanted heat, higher energy bill, and unwanted heat. Dual Roller Shades system is customizable and flexible so that your home’s visual appeal can be retained and its efficiency and benefits can be retained.

Benefits of roller shades

Easy to operate and clean


Roller shades consist of a solid fabric or a synthetic material that can cover the length of a window when wholly extended. They are easier to clean and less likely to accrue dust, pollen, and dirt. Even the debris on the dirtiest roller shades is removed using a feather dust technique while you only need a damp rag and mild cleaning solution to do heavy duty jobs. Because roller shades have been around for a very long time, they are easily operated. All you have to do is lift and lower them from their bottom rail.

They have a free cordless feature

shades on apartment

There are numerous advantages of cordless roller shades over a traditional cord feature window shades. With a cordless feature, you will avoid possible repairs or replacements on one less part of your window covering. We know babies can be attracted to chains and cords, which may result in damage. Also, a cordless roller shade looks lustrous and more fitted to the room and windows than the shades with cords.

They offer clean and simple lines and also be combined with curtains.

People might think roller shades are basic at first glance but they are anything from that because they offer simple and clean lines. Roller shades won’t muddle your home décor. Instead, they complement and even add to it. Clean, simple lines show that they have a versatile design. Also, roller shades are so lustrous that they can be combined with various window treatment options such as curtains and drapes. Although roller shades will provide adequate light filtering and privacy you need, you can add style and make your window look more significant by using curtains to complement it.

It offers various color and budget-friendly options 

Roller shades come in varieties of colors which includes black, white, brown, gray, blue, green, and so many more. The fact that they are available in various color makes it easier for you to find a roller shade you like. Because roller shades are simple does not mean that they are boring. Also, roller shades give you the benefit of a more luxurious window treatment without having to spend more money. With the money budgeted for your home project, you can still afford a stylish décor, light reduction, and privacy window treatment for your home.

They are classic and modern

roller shades in an apartement

It does not matter if you have an idea of more modern or more classic window coverings; roller shades will cover both concepts. Also, roller shades will cover you and your windows, if your design idea is somewhere in between the modern and classic style.

It offers Motorized Options

The shades capabilities of traditional blinds are minimal and to make any changes, you have to do it manually. However, roller shades offer motorized options that can be installed to eliminate manual operation via remote control. This feature is especially useful when you have windows that are hard to reach or have mobility problems. With the motorized feature of roller shades, you will have the capability to adjust sunlight as you like with remote control.

Roller shades are beautiful, functional, and versatile window treatment options that will be relevant for a very long time. If you would like to learn more about Roller Shades reach us through our contact page or give us a call, (786) 916-1527.

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